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Serum For Hair Roots Strengthening And Hair Growth Support

Do you dream of having long, strong hair, and yet all you have is brittle hair that falls out all too often? The Bione Cosmetics Keratin Kofein serum for hair growth and stronger roots will give your hair back its vitality and health.

The formula contains caffeine and unique bioactive ingredients that not only regenerate hair that has already grown out, but also promote the growth of new hair follicles and prevent hair loss. Three months of regular treatment will give your hair strength as well as a velvet shine, fewer split ends and an overall improved quality.


  • significantly reduces hair loss
  • promotes regrowth of hair
  • noticeably improves the quality and vitality of your hair
  • strengthens hair and leaves it looking shiny
  • prevents split ends
  • also suitable for individuals with adrogenetic alopecia
  • has a light, non-irritating fragrance


  • keratin hydrolysate from sheep’s wool – strengthens and regenerates hair
  • caffeine – stimulates the growth of hair follicles
  • bioactive ingredients – suppress the effect of the TGF-beta factor, which slows down hair growth
  • amino acids – promote hair pigmentation
  • bioactive pea sprout extract
  • adenosine, panthenol and vitamins
  • free of SLS/SLES and synthetic dyes

How to apply:
use the applicator to apply the product to a clean, dry scalp and massage it in with your fingers. Perform a thorough and vigorous massage. Do not rinse. For optimal results, use the serum regularly for at least three months.

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