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Kmax Concealing Scalp Shader is a cosmetic product that hides hair thinning and disguises baldness. It is highly water-resistant so can be used with confidence in the sea or swimming pool.

Used by professional make-up artists for stage or film make-up and is also used in television to make celebrities, actors and politicians look like they have "some extra hair" This products is as good as if not equal to DermMatch and a little bit cheaper as well.

The product can be used as an alternative to microfiber anti-thinning cosmetics, or can be used alongside them for even better results as it acts in a different way but gives the same effect of hair thickening.

The particular texture of the compact cream guarantees that the product holds perfectly both to skin and to hair and it is most recommended for swimming in the pool or sea.

Kmax Concealing Scalp Shader takes away thw worry of thinning hair and gives the illusion of having some extra hair in the places it is needed most.


Use Kmax Concealing Scalp Shader on the clean and dry scalp.

    • You can also proceed on damp hair.
    • Dampen the sponge under water.
    • Pass the wet applicator over the product disk.
    • With the applicator, apply the product to the scalp.
    • Dab the scalp and hair sections, colouring small areas at a time.
    • Remove any smudges or product excess with a damp cloth.
    • Allow the product to dry, and if you normally use a hairdryer, set it to a low temperature and a slow speed.
    • Otherwise, brush or comb the hair for a few minutes, which will accelerate the drying time. The hair roots are the last to dry, therefore, ensure you brush the hair right down to the root. This helps optimize hair volume.
    • Use the applicator to apply Scalp Shader to your eyebrows.
    • Reshape and fill your eyebrows
    • You are ready!

Kmax Concealing Scalp Shader professional waterproof hair concealer

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