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Our next meeting takes place on 7th November in Brady’s of Castleknock.
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The Alopecia Support Weekend, held at Barnwell Farm Cottages, Greyabbey, is the largest event of the year for HAT (Helping Alopecia Trust – http://www.helpingalopeciatrust.com). The 
aim is to bring together our families & friends and have a fun filled weekend where we get to relax and enjoy the company of other like minded people. 

Last year Mayor Robert Adair called down to Barnwell Farm and spent a bit of time with everyone.

Full details available to download.

Please be advised that thanks to the recent review, there is a Children’s Group – details are on their Facebook Group which is called “Alopecia Ireland Parents Support Group“.

Alopecia Day 2018

International Alopecia Day 2018

Watch all the fun of International Alopecia day 2018 in pictures and video click the image to the left and feel good about Alopecia.

Don’t forget alopecia does not affect just one person if you have alopecia then all around you , your closest is also affected, enjoy the attention and love of those who want to share your life with you embrace yourself





Alopecia UK produced a short documentary during Alopecia Awareness Month (September 2018). Take a few moments to watch Shedding


Our Mission

The mission of Alopecia Support Ireland is to provide support, raise awareness and educate people about all types of Alopecia and their families.

To support research to find a cure or acceptable treatment for alopecia, to support those with the condition, and to educate the public about alopecia.

We accomplish this by

  • Funding research and research workshops that add to the scientific knowledge about alopecia areata, its causes, and different treatments
  • Informing the public about alopecia
  • Advocating the concerns of people affected alopecia areata
  • Creating and distributing educational materials to health professionals as well as those affected, so that all may better understand Alopecia

Nell Sanders speaks about her experience with Alopecia

An Interview with Lennox


Melanie Hoskin is a professional Life & Business Strategist. She also produces & presents LIFE TALK LIVE on Dublin South FM.

She dedicated one of her radio shows to the subject of Alopecia. Listen to the programme which was broadcast on 7 April 2017.

To hear this great broadcast click  on this link


Alopecia Ireland Meeting takes place in Moran’s Red Cow Hotel Details are posted  on the website when the date is arranged


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