Laura’s Story

Hi, Everyone!I just thought I would add my story to the site. Well, I am 24yrs old and have had alopecia for nearly 4 yrs now. Back in March 2004, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. In order to treat it, I received a Bone Marrow Transplant from my sister. I had a lot of chemotherapy and as we all know, a side effect from chemo is hair loss. I lost my hair just before my transplant, thinking it would obviously grow back. But about 3 months after my transplant, my hair was very slow to come back. Doctors then told me that my hair may never come back. I was devastated! I couldn’t believe it. It was like a nightmare, especially for a girl of 20yrs old!I have been wearing a wig since summer 2005. Not because I want to but because I feel like I have to. Wigs are not comfortable at all. I always know it’s on my head and I never forget I am wearing one. If I had the courage and the confidence to get up in the morning and not put on my wig and just go out, I would! But until that day I am stuck wearing them. So far, well up until about 4 weeks ago, wearing a wig had gone ok. Never been too noticeable, never came between me and my partner or never fallen off in public! Well like I said, until 4 weeks ago!My first experience of being bald in public happened 4 weeks ago in a night club, of all places.

I was out with my boyfriend when somebody accidentally pulled my hair, not remembering that I wear a wig. That night, for some reason, I did not stick my hair on with tape. I have gone out without doing it before and nothing had ever happened. But not that night! I was standing in the middle of the night club bald, for what seemed like forever!! I was in complete shock. I was holding my wig in my hands and just couldn’t believe it. I eventually ran to the bathroom, shocked and frightened. Why I was frightened I don’t know. I put my wig back on and got the courage to go back out to my boyfriend. He was so supportive. He tried to convince me that nobody saw it, but you would want to be blind not to see it. It was very difficult but I did not want to give and go home. I had spoken about going bald for ages but obviously not in that way.

When I got home that night I couldn’t stop crying. I was in shock and could not believe it had happened. I look back on it now and I laugh. It was bound to happen. And in a way, I am glad it happened. At least next time it won’t be as much of a shock and I might laugh it off next time!

Since then I have been a bit more relaxed about my hair. I talk about my alopecia more openly, with people who don’t know. I feel it helps and gives me some control over my hair loss. I have enjoyed getting involved with Liz and the group. And the support I receive from everyone at the group meetings. I really enjoy going to the groups and I feel without them I would not be as open about my alopecia as I am.

So finally, I would like to personally thank Liz and the support group! You have all helped me in more ways than you know! xxxxx