No more Couvre, Hello Ecobell Update Jan 2019

Posted on: November 21, 2018, by :

For those of you who used a concealing lotion to help with some of your alopecia symptoms one of the best known was Couvre and for many years this was the go to product for many many people.

Sadly the makers of Couvre in a buy out and shake up decided to no longer make or sell this product, we can tell by the amount of emails and messages that it was a great product and is missed. We don’t think the company is going to be revamping it anytime soon.

The good news is that there is now an alternative out there that seems to be doing a great job at replacing the void left by Couvre, and it’s called Ecobell Alopecia Masking Lotion 

Our online store reports very good sales of this product as the alternative to Couvre, and the good news is it’s a lot lot cheaper. You can get it in Black, Medium Brown and Dark brown. Also to help with shipping costs did you know that our store offers flat rate shipping on international orders. So you can order 5 bottles of Ecobell and have it sent for the one shipping price.

As with all things sadly when a product becomes popular you will always see cheaper versions on certain auction sites our advice is not to buy it as we know it’s watered down nonsense, please always buy your Alopecia masking lotion from a website that is dedicated to hair products and that you can see has a fair price . This product cannot be sold for much less than our store price therefore if you see it on certain auction or local area sites for a lot cheaper be wary as you may be wasting money and that will make you feel worse about the condition you are trying to manage.

You can buy the Ecobell Alopecia Masking Lotion by clicking on our shop link here SHOP