Horsetail Ampoule Treatment

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Horsetail Ampoule Treatment for Very Damaged Hair 5 x 5ml

91% Natural Ingredients

The horsetail treatment is developed for very damaged hair. It is composed with valued for centuries natural plant ingredients which stimulate and energize the hair follicles, provide deep nourishment and strengthen the hair. Day by day hair are getting regenerated, stronger, thicker.


visibly strengthened, repaired hair

increased resistance to damage

better hair condition and appearance


horsetail extract rich source of silica, perfectly nourishes, oxygenates and visibly strengthens the hair

botanical ingredients complex stimulates growth, extends the life cycle of hair, and reduces hair loss

ginseng extract strengthens hair, making it strong and glossy

aloe vera juice intensively hydrates and repairs

Inutec protects, moisturises the hair and improve its condition

Application: Apply the contents of the ampoule to the scalp and massage. Do not rinse off. Use 2 times per week, until getting visible improvement in the hair condition, and then use once a week to maintain the effect.

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